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The story 2 Worlds, 1 Life tells of the intriguing life of Adolph Classen who became lost in Outback Australia from 1848 until his death. Based on historical evidence. The brother-in-law of Ludwig Leichhardt (a famous Australian explorer and internationally recognised person of influence). Adolph Classen was reported to have survived the ill-fated Leichhardt expedition that left Eastern Australia (Sydney and Moreton Bay) to cross the Australian Continent from East to West (Swan River, now Perth), approximately 6,000 kms via Northern Australia and expected to take 3 years to complete.

The expedition lost all contact after leaving the last settled area of Cagoon Station in Eastern Australia. Various search parties were sent to discover the happenings and fate of the expedition party, all of which returned with limited evidence. However. Local aboriginal people (Queen Alice Millar, nee Booth) and the explorer (Andrew Hume) both reported that Adolph Classen survived and lived among the Aboriginal people in the Outback for the remainder of his life.

Research and extensive expeditions to the region since 2012 have uncovered previously unknown and undiscovered physical evidence that validates the previous reports. Covering an area larger than most European Countries, the combined discoveries tell a remarkable story of survival and compassion among the Aborigines, told as a story being passed through the ages. 2 Worlds, 1 Life provides an account as close to real as possible of what happened to Adolph Classon.

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